Currently GOMINTEC Airport Solutions distributes its range of Airport Lighting Products on a truly global scale.
We constantly work by and for our clients needs, based in our philosophy of “Customer Centric”, where the client is the center of all our processes and customer satisfaction our main motivation.

As Albert Einstein said: «There is a driving force stronger than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the willpower.»


We focus on the development with our partners of the most advanced technical solutions for the airport industry. We provide to our customers reliable and top quality equipment, designed and produced with strong sustainability and efficiency criteria.


Our international experience supports our dedication, trying to offer always the best version of ourselves, and providing the most enthusiastic implication in solving our customer needs.


One of our main targets is to offer a close and personalized service, adapting ourselves to each situation and meeting the needs of our customers throughout the process, since the project definition untill the after-sales support.